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She awakened nightmares, encased in amber for millennia, to protect her kingdom - but these nightmares also became her beloved children. In the end, Veneda couldn't sacrifice some of per progeny for the sake of the rest.

The Tainted Grail: Verified One True King All-In SUNDROP Pledge by Awaken Realms Includes:

🖐️ Kings of Ruin Core Box [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🍂 Fall of Avalon Core Box [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🐉 Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🧟Wyrd Encounters Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
☠️Red Death Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
Monsters of Avalon Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🏇 Fall of Avalon Mounted Heroes Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🏇 Kings of Ruin Mounted Heroes Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🐶 Companions Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🔙 Echoes of The Past Expansion
👑 King Arthur [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🐉 Monsters of Avalon & Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future Standees Pack
🛠️ Upgraded Resources Expansion
🐐 Black Goat of The Moors Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
💋 Niamh Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🏕️ Modular Campsite Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
🎲 Story Dice Expansion [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
TTRPG Heroes of Avalon & Collector's Menhir Miniature [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
⚔️ War Runes Promo Cards
🍁 Forever Autumn Promo Cards
🏰 Item Sets Dicetower 2021 Promo Cards
💰 Metal Dials / Coins 
📒 Kings of Ruin Deluxe Journal
📓 Adventurer's Notebook
🗺️ Kings of Ruin Playmat
🗺️ Fall of Avalon Playmat
📙 Artbook
🎴 Kings of Ruin Card Sleeves

🎴 Fall of Avalon Card Sleeves
🎁 Kings of Ruin Stretch Goals FOR FREE! [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP]
Fall of Avalon Stretch Goals FOR FREE! [Gamefound Exclusive SUNDROP

❗❗ What makes our Verified All-In different from the normal All-In? ❗❗
We verified that the 🏇 Kings of Ruin Mounted Heroes Expansion, 🎲 Story Dice Expansion, 👑 TTRPG Heroes of Avalon & Collector's Menhir Miniature, and the 🐐 Black Goat of The Moors Expansion were not included in the all-in during crowdfunding. Since we don't like to use the term 'All-In' lightly around here, we make sure to verify these pledges before offering them to you. No reason to worry though, since we already added these expansions in here for you! Now we verified that you are truly getting ALL-IN!

Keep a keen eye on our Youtube Channel for more information on what this game will add to your gaming nights...

Important Note: A lot of content in this pledge is Gamefound Exclusive, which means that there are only a limited amount of them in the world and it is very unlikely that new units will ever be produced. When they sell out, we will not be able to get new stocks! However, 90% of the value of your purchase will go towards buying more exclusive games for you in the future 🥰!
👉 Please note that this item is a PRE-ORDER!
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