6: Siege - The Board Game Verified Smooth Operator All-In (Includes All Kickstarter Exclusive Content)

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Agents from different task forces arer ecruited into Team Six and are training to avert a global crisis. They compete in friendly matches, either as Attackers or Defenders.

Combine unique Operators to form powerful squads, deploy them on destructible maps and lead your team to victory! Action is lethal and will keep you on the edge of your seat! 

It boasts a roster of 60 Operators, plus some alternate profiles, six maps and four game modes (three included in the game Bomb, Control and Hostage, plus the unlocked Recruit mode).

This is the premium all-in, with all gameplay related expansions and ALL cosmetics improvements to the game.

The Kickstarter Exclusive 6: Siege - The Board Game Verified Smooth Operator All-In by Mythic Games Includes:

👮 6: Siege - The Board Game Core Box
🎮 Year 1 - Re-Enforce Expansion
🎮 Year 2 - High Impact Expansion
🎮 Year 3 - Hard Breach Expansion
🎮 Year 4 - Dark Horizon Expansion
🎮 Year 5 - Shadow Tactics Expansion
🗺️ Map Pack 1 - Concrete City Expansion
🗺️ Map Pack 2 - Dead End Expansion
🗺️ Map Pack 3 - Sand and Dust Expansion
👮 Zero Box Expansion
🪑 3D Scenery Set
🎲 Additional Dice Set
➖ Line of Sight Laser
🎲 Neoprene Dice Tray
👮 Duel Runner-Up Box
💠 3D Printed Color Tokens Set
🗺️ Neoprene Playmat
📦 Deluxe Storage Big Box
🎁 ALL Daily Unlocks

❗❗ What makes our Verified All-In different from the normal All-In? ❗❗
We verified that the 👮 Duel Runner-Up Box, 🗺️ Neoprene Playmat, 💠 3D Printed Color Tokens Set, and the 📦 Deluxe Storage Big Box were not included in the all-in during crowdfunding. Since we don't like to use the term 'All-In' lightly around here, we make sure to verify these pledges before offering them to you. No reason to worry though, since we already added these expansions in here for you! Now we verified that you are truly getting ALL-IN!

Keep a keen eye on our YouTube Channel for more information on what this game will add to your gaming nights...

Important Note: This product is Kickstarter Exclusive, which means that there are only a limited amount of them in the world and it is very unlikely that new units will ever be produced. When they sell out, we will not be able to get new stocks! However, 90% of the value of your purchase will go towards buying more exclusive games for you in the future 🥰!

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