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Part of: Bloodborne: The Card Game

The hunt is on! Take on nightmarish fiends and collect the most blood echoes!

The Site Exclusive Bloodborne: The Card Game: Official Playmat by CMON Includes:

🗺️ 1 Custom Game Mat

Keep a keen eye on our Youtube Channel for more information on what this playmat will add to your Bloodborne: The Card Game gaming experience...

Important Note: This playmat was a Site Exclusive, which means that there are only a limited amount of them in the world and it is very unlikely that new units will ever be produced. When they sell out, we will not be able to get new stocks! However, 90% of the value of your purchase will go towards buying more exclusive games for you in the future 🥰!

👉 Please note that you will need a copy of Bloodborne: The Card Game Core Box to be able to use this playmat!
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