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Do you stand beside Queen Catherine Ironfist and vanquish the lurking chaos? Do you help the power-hungry Mutare fulfill her plans and turn her into a dragon? Or, maybe you despise all of this and want, together with Sandro, to cover the whole world with the shadow of death? Move through the beautiful land of Antagarich, plunge into adventures and strategic battles with endless possibilities.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game is an adventure-driven strategy game for 1-4 players set in the cult fantasy universe. The game includes competitive, cooperative, and solo scenarios to battle and explore your way through. The adventure maps will be represented by tiles, with each tile divided into seven hexagonal fields.

Play different scenarios with different victory conditions, explore the adventure map to discover various locations, and play out epic battles using unique cards (or models) that represent the iconic units from the original game. All battles will be performed with cards or models on separate boards.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game: BIG BOX All-In Pledge by Archon Studio Includes:

🐉 The Core Game
🧙 The Kickstarter Exclusive Tower Expansion and Stretch Goal
🏰 The Fortress Expansion
🐉 The Rampart Expansion
⚔️ The Battlefield Expansion
🔥 The Inferno Expansion
📖 The Kickstarter Exclusive Artbook
🖼️ The Kickstarter Exclusive Posters Pack
🎁 The Kickstarter Exclusive BIG BOX FOR FREE!
🎁 All Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goals FOR FREE!

❗❗ What makes our Verified All-In different from the normal All-In? ❗❗
We verified that the 🔥 The Inferno Expansion was not included in the all-in during crowdfunding. Since we don't like to use the term 'All-In' lightly around here, we make sure to verify these pledges before offering them to you. No reason to worry though, since we already added this expansion in here for you! Now we verified that you are truly getting ALL-IN!

Keep a keen eye on our Youtube Channel for more information on what this game will add to your gaming nights...

Important Note: A lot of content in this pledge is Kickstarter Exclusive, which means that there are only a limited amount of them in the world and it is very unlikely that new units will ever be produced. When they sell out, we will not be able to get new stocks! However, 90% of the value of your purchase will go towards buying more exclusive games for you in the future 🥰!

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